Real Estate Tip: How To Choose An Affordable Moving Company

It is a fact that a move affects us both physically and mentally. It is a fact that moving your life and packing it in cardboard boxes is not easy. It is also a fact that looking for a home and organizing all the aspects to change the home, such as insurance, permits, and others are situations that can complicate a stage of our life.

Any affordable moving company will take care of the damages that can occur in the transfer, which is never taken care of are the nonprofessionals, since they do not even pack correctly both the furniture and the equipment.

Not all moving companies are the same. Although most companies work seriously, there are others that take advantage of their customers in real estate. There are hundreds of moving companies you can find online and in the telephone directory. That is why you should consider the following tips before hiring the services of a moving company.

For all this, it is a very wise decision to hire local moving companies so that the process is simpler and we can enjoy it. But it is essential to know how to distinguish a good moving company, so we leave these tips for hiring a moving company:

Start looking for a moving company with time, so you can study the availability and choose the best dates for the move. Ask for a pre-budget in at least three different companies. Be wary of any company that gives you a budget too low. Some companies use a low price to get a contract and then ask for more money, for extra boxes, furniture dismantling or require advance to lower their belongings from the truck, and then you stay with the desire to have opted for another company that appeared to be more expensive initially.

Do not just focusĀ only on prices but also the quality of the service and the degree of commitment of the company. It is important that in drawing up the budget put exactly the items you want to transfer, transfer method and location. Be watchful of those who do not have a known home quality and excellent service. A high price does not always imply good service. A good company will keep you informed about everything and will give you a written estimate. This is the only way to protect you if the service is not as expected.

A good company always negotiates good form and time of payment. Observe whether the characteristics of the budget have a satisfactory level of quality, and that will be satisfying for the customer and beneficial for the company. They will not require payment in advance. By law, you do not have to pay the money until the service is complete, and generally, it is okay to reach an agreement between the parties.

Reject phone quotes as the budget has to specify all services, so it is better to have it in writing. Remember that to make a good budget, the representative of the moving company has to go to your home to be able to elaborate it and correctly establish the conditions of the move.

Find out if the moving company you plan to use is licensed to operate. Find out that the moving company has moving insurance to be able to claim compensation if your furniture or belongings are damaged. Ask how a complaint is filed and whether there are limits on coverage.

If you have been harmed by a moving company, you can file your grievance but keep in mind that the complaint or claim can help the moving company to improve its service.

It is suggested to read carefully the terms of the contract and check that they include:

Data of the moving company.

Inventory of the goods to be transported.

Travel of the move

Date of completion (beginning and end).

Total price to pay.

Make sure to look at the loading and unloading of your belongings. It is interesting to sign the delivery receipt after checking the status of the items moved, as if there is any problem, the person in charge of the move should take note. It is good to be attentive and present in the tasks of loading and unloading of your belongings to observe if there is an incident with your things when it is time to raise them to a truck.

Get ready for a possible claim. When hiring a mover, it is essential to prepare in case something goes wrong. Keep all the documentation (advertising, budget, contract, Email, etc.) of your moving company to justify a possible future claim and keep updated.

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